Learn to Dance Tango in Manchester




Chris Shields as well as being a professional artist and illustrator is a lover of dance, during the day he spends most of his time painting but the night is for tango! 

He has been dancing Tango for the past sixteen years and teaching for the last 12 years . "I get as much pleasure out of teaching tango as I get out of dancing it" he says!

Participating in many tango workshops in the UK and Spain and has given demonstrations in many places including in front of Royalty in the Savoy in London.

After teaching for some time at the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester England, in 2003 he went to live in Shanghai China and spent the next three years teaching and dancing Tango Argentino there.

He is now back in the UK and still painting and teaching Tango in Manchester at the Instituto Cervantes .




Manchester Tango

Tango in Manchester

You do not choose tango, tango chooses you!

At the end of the 19th century, thousands of poor foreign immigrants moved to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, at that time  Argentina was known as the land of silver. But instead of wealth and fortune, they only found poverty and squalor.

In a desire to forget their wretched conditions, their sorrows turned to song! It was a music full of melancholy and longing but with undercurrents of optimism and joy. And from the music there emerged a dance, the tango, Tango Argentino! The dance of passion!!

It is said that when you and your partner tango together, you dance with four legs but with one heart! Once you immerse yourself in the music of the tango and feel the passion and the pain of the dance, it will envelop your very soul and never let you go!